Invited Speaker

List of confirmed invited speaker (in alphabetical order) for the IWM-11 with tentative title:

Yangyang Fu
Yangyang Fu

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University, China


“Effects of electrode surface morphology on microgap breakdown and microplasma properties”

Research Engineer
Plasma Science and Technology Group
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, USA


“Electrical Discharges in Water with Gas Bubbles: Time Scales Approach”

David Go
David Go
Professor & Department Chair
Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (concurrent), University of Notre Dame, USA


“Using Non-Thermal Plasmas to Direct Chemistry at Solid and Liquid Interfaces”

Sylvain Iseni
Sylvain Is√Čni
CNRS Researcher, GREMI, France


“Advances in optical diagnostics of Microplasmas: imaging and spectroscopy”

Tsuyo Ito
Tsuyohito ITO
Associate Professor, Department of Advanced Materials Science,Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Japan

“Plasma-assisted materials processing with inkjet droplets”

Stephan Reuter
Stephan Reuter
Associate Professor, Department of Engineering Physics, Polytechnique Montreal, Canada

“Laser Spectroscopy of Plasmas”

Nozomi Takeuchi
Nozomi takeuchi
Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

“Plasma-ozone combined advanced oxidation process for decomposition of persistent organic compounds”

Miles Turner
Professor, School of Physical Sciences, Dublin City University, Ireland

“Plasma nitrogen fixation chemistry: Uncertainty, sensitivity and the implications for efficiency limits”

jean-pierre van helden
Head of Department Plasma Diagnostics, Lecturer for Experimental Physics, Institute of Physics, University of Greifswald, Germany

“Cavity ring-down spectroscopy of the spatial distribution of species in a cold atmospheric pressure plasma jet”

De-Qi Wen
PostDoc, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Michigan State University, USA

“Microscale microwave argon discharges: global model and particle-in-cell simulations”